Well, we have about a month till we hit the road, for two months, for my sabbatical. Well, maybe, we are still evaluating things daily.

It's stressful and a hard decision to make, do we go for it now or next year, will things even be better next year? They don't seem too great right now with COVID cases on the rise in much of the county.

We have spent a good bit of money in preparation for this trip, not that we won't use the gear we got but its been an investment. We haven't made any reservations anywhere, we are kinda just going to go with the flow, and that's probably the best option given that things change daily.

Our plan is mostly to visit as many national parks as we can, and we are probably going to be sticking to the northern states because things look really bad in the south. California was on our list but they aren't doing well right now either. We are hoping to stay out of populated areas, hit national forests, and stealth camp when we need too.

This is the tentative plan and the parks we want to hit.

Here is a list since the map doesn't really show them that well.

After this, we will be making our way back east, and we don't really have any plans for that, I think it just depends on how things are in the country. It would actually be a perfect time to hopefully catch some fall foliage since it will be early October.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this trip, just in general, and if we are missing some stops. Just leave a comment below and also subscribe so that you will get new posts in your inbox. I hope to post as often as I can while we are on the road.