I had been thinking more about my sabbatical more when we were in Italy and though I loved visiting there all the transportation that was involved in getting to places to see places took up a lot of time and energy, and that's something that I did not want to do for two months. So I did some reevaluating and this is what I came up with, biking cross country!

This was something I have always wanted to do, more so when I was riding a lot, and that is something that I have not been doing much of ever since we moved to Baltimore. I would commute to work by bike daily but now I am lucky if I get in one ride a month, so this has got to change.

The planning has already begun, we have a route, we are planning on mostly staying on the rail-trail. We are planning for a September / October trip, hopefully, get some good fall foliage action too! Two months is maybe a little short to go all the way across the country but we are going to try!

More to come!