Decided that I am going to start writing again, keeping track of whats going on in my world during these weird and stressful days.

It doesn't even feel like there are days anymore, its just one looooooong day, that's never going to end.

Today I have been pretty productive still keeping pretty busy with work and doing things around the house. I have gotten out of my working out routine which I am hoping to start back up today. I had been doing to much running and my legs were hurting and not having time to recover since I am old as fuck.

The weather has been pretty weird today, its felt like its supposed to rain all day, and it just started.

I did finally get my new bike bags yesterday too so that was fun, been working on trying to figure out the setup of them on my bike, photos to come soon! Yeah we haven't cancelled our trip yet, its not till August, hopefully things are going to be a little better by then, fingers crossed.

Hope your are all safe and healthy!