Its been a few weeks since we have gotten back from our trip to Washington State and we were thrown right back into our busy lives so I haven't had time to put together a post of our trip. Here are a bunch of photos from our adventure, it was a great time but way to short, so we will be back.

Right now we are trying to plan for our next trip to Italy, which is only a month away!

Hurricane Ridge sunrise!
Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge
Sol Duc Falls
Sunrise over Crescent Lake
Hoh Rain Forest
Hoh Rain Forest
Kalaloch Tree at Ruby Beach
Kalaloch tree and Katt
Camping on Rialto Beach
Rialto Beach Sunset
Katt watching the sunset
Rialto Beach morning in black and white
Katt soaking up some of the warm sun, San Juan Island.
Katt testing the icy cold water, that's about as far as you could go in it hurt so bad!
Cattle point at sunrise
One of the many ferry rides we ended up taking
S mores for breakfast!
Little hike up Turtle Back Mountain
More ferry rides
Super low tide
On our way up to Colchuck Lake
more from Colchuck lake hike
lake Colchuck!
lake Colchuck
A little black bear crossing our path on our way down.

Thats a few of the hundreds of photos I took, hope you enjoyed the slideshow, let me know if you have any questions about the trip we did.