So we are about 85-90% done with our itinerary for our trip to Washington.

Day 1: Flying into Seattle and getting food and supplies that we couldn't bring with us, then we will be driving out to an Airbnb on Bainbridge Island, it has an outdoor fire heated bathtub!

Day 2: We hit the road and drive out to Olympic National Park where we have a few hikes planned and where we will be camping that night.

Day 3: We drive to the coast and setup camp again, we will be camping on the beach! Then we have a couple more hikes planned for the day.

Day 4: Explore the beaches some more then start our drive towards the San Juan Islands, we need to find a couple activities for this day still. This night will also be an Airbnb night in Anacortes to get ourselves cleaned ourselves up.

Day 5/6: We ferry out early to San Juan Island where we will be camping for 2 nights. Our original plan was so do some hiking and kayaking these days but with Katt and her broken arm it looks like we will just be doing some hiking and exploring of San Juan and Orca Island. We are going to hit a resort on Orca to go get a soak and massage!

Day 7: Heading back to mainland and to an Airbnb to restock and clean ourselves up. I think this will be a slower day maybe checkout a couple parks, museums, and shops. This Airbnb is a beautiful little cabin on the sound facing west so I am hoping for we get a beautiful sunset.

Day 8: This is an exciting one, we are waking up really early and driving a couple hours east to do a hike to a fire lookout shelter, and hoping to spend the night in it as well.

Day 9: We hike back out, the rest of the day is unknown.

Day 10: Unknown.

We are still working out the rest of the trip from here, we have two nights to figure out as well as our day activities.

I am super excited about this trip!

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