This trip has been canceled and we will be doing a bike trip out west now!

So this trip has officially been confirmed, Katt and I will be heading to Japan and Southeast Asia! I notified work about my sabbatical dates. I am super lucky that my employer offers this to their employees after 10 years of service. Ill be close to 12 years when I get to actually take this trip, I didn't really plan ahead or really know what I wanted to do until recently, plus financially its expensive to travel for a whole month. I know its a long way off but we want to make sure we have enough money saved up to do all the things we want to do and not really have to stick to a tight budget. We have a few other moving parts happening right now to make sure we get there, we are converting our basement into an apartment (hopefully this will cut our mortgage in half) and going down to one car with will save us around ($400/month), we are really fine tuning our finances for the long haul.

This trip was initially just going to be Southeast Asia but then I realized that Japan is right there and I have always wanted to visit Japan since I was little, so we added it to our trip.

Right now we don't have any other itinerary for this trip other then the destination and the date (approximately), we are looking at around March 2021.

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