*This is from last year - really late in getting the post up*

We usually get to Dolly Sods maybe once or twice a year, and its always a three day weekend so we can really enjoy it. Dolly Sods is about a three and a half hour drive from Baltimore or DC, being how popular its becoming getting there on the earlier side of the day to hike in and get a good camping spot is important, especially in the summer months.

For this trip we did a section we hadn't done before, the southern section along the Red Creek, the Big Stone Coal Falls Trail.

This drive to DS took us through Davis WV which was a first for us, its a small town with some shops and restaurants on the main street. We were kinda hoping to grab some extra layers of clothing because it was a lot cooler than we had expected, but no such luck. There aren't any outdoor stores in Davis or anything in surrounding towns, so don't forget any gear! There is a Dollar General though if you need some snacks.

We arrived around lunch time on a Friday, it was raining the whole drive there, but had stopped shortly before we got there. Which ended up being a good for us, I think weather deterred a lot of people from coming out that weekend, we ended up only seeing a handful of people the whole weekend.

Since it was already mid-afternoon, we only hiked in a couple miles, which was completely fine by me because it had been a long drive. We had our choice of campsites and ended up setting up right next to the river, which was high and running fast because of all the rain.

This is where I am picking up the post that I had started and since my memory isn't that good anymore it going to be mostly just some photos.

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