we made it to florida!

It's been a little bit since the last post, not a whole lot has happened, things have just been super busy for the both of us. I had to go back to work for about a month between Shelby being born and our family vacation/parental leave/sabbatical. I am very happy that I had ended up pushing my sabbatical back because I only had 2 weeks of parental leave, which is just insane. Those first two weeks are disappeared in a blink of an eye between doctors appointments and just trying to get settled with Shelby. I honestly don't know how people can just go straight back to work after such a short time.

Well back to our Florida trip, we have been here about a week and a half now, it was a journey to get down here too. Katie and Shelby ended up flying down because Shelby does not do good in the the car and it would have just been miserable for everyone. Ben, Lindy, and I left a day ahead of Katie and Shelby and drove down in two days. Ben spent about 10 days with us, he just flew back to Maryland today, but he will be back down for winter break with us.

It took us a couple days to get settled, but we didn't waist anytime getting to the beach, which we hit our first night down here to watch the sunset.

So far we have been exploring the beaches within about 30 min or so of Siesta Key, because thats about as far as we can get in the car before Shelby objects to being in the car (unless they fall asleep).

Here are some photos from our first week...

Ben and I got to go kayaking the other day at Turtle beach, that was a lot of fun, and suprisingly he loved it. So I think we will probably be getting kayaks in the near future. We didn't see a ton of wildlife but we did see a mama and baby manatee!

When he comes back at the end of December I think we are going to try to go to King's Landing.

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timothy meinberg

timothy meinberg

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