camping at trap pond & cape henlopen.

This past week we did a little camping trip to Trap Pond and Cape  Henlopen in Delaware. Car camping is really feels more like glamping to me because you have bathrooms, water, and a crap ton of gear with you. The camps were nice and quiet despite being pretty full but it was soooooo hot, a little to hot for me. We did get to the beach a few times which was  really nice to be able to cool off in the ocean. I really think I am ready for fall now, this weather is just to much!

We have been to Cape Henlopen before but this was our first time to Trap Pond. Its very similar to other parks in that it has RV camping and tent camping, we stayed in the tent camping area. The tent spots are quite big and spaced out, and also provided a good amount of privacy. The pond is more of a lake, but there is no swimming in it, just fishing and boating. There are a lot of walking trails though out the park which are really nice, but the bugs can be really bad. They were not bad in the campground area but on the other side of the pond they were very very bad. They also had the usual nature center, playgrounds, shelters, etc.

Cape Henlopen is a more popular park being that its right on the ocean, so it was a little more crowded. Since we booked our site to late in the season we got stuck in the RV section, which wasn’t awful, but there are much better spots there. The beaches are very nice there are two types, guarded (which means there is a lifeguard) and unguarded. The unguarded beaches you can bring your dog on but it is also the beach where you can surf fish which means you can drive onto the beach. If you go on the weekend its PACKED and can be a little annoying if you want to swim, because of all the fishing lines. If you can get there early, late, or during the week these beaches are perfect because they are usually very empty.

I think this was our last camping trip of the year since we are getting very close to meeting this new person, our next big trip will be do Florida for the winter.

timothy meinberg

timothy meinberg

baltimore, md